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Want A Zero-Maintenance Garden? Get Artificial Plants From Elen

    What Makes It Awesome

    Hate wilting flowers? Elen, in Delhi-NCR, has a carefully crafted, curated and imported selection of artificial grass, vines, and flowers. Elen is known for supplying and manufacturing the best artificial grass in the country.  Ranging from homes, gardens and sports fields, their grass not only looks authentic but feels very soft to the touch. They manufacture long-stemmed flowers, potted plants, vines and bunches of decorative flowers and leaves, bonsai and more. They also import artificial plants from China so the store offers a diverse selection of flowers.

    The store, on request, sends a consultant to the area that you want to be decorated. They assess the size and recommend the best arrangements and designs that would suit the area according to your requirements. Vertical gardens are in style, take up very little space and add style to any area. Elen has some great options for vertical gardens created with vines, flowers, or even just leaves, to add greenery.

    If you don’t want all that jazz, you could pick up individual pieces such as small planters to just brighten up your work cubicle or apartment bedroom. Apart from the beautiful, green Eden of a store they have at the mall, they also have an online presence.


    Elen also has a website, so in case you wish to get an idea of the kind of stuff they stock, make sure to check it out.