Forever New Has A Line Of Active Wear That Will Elevate Your Workouts

Forever New

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Forever New has launched an active-wear range, and it’s giving us major luxe-sports feels!

Fitness Lifestyle

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their work-outs and staying active {admit it, you do}, and sometimes we need to find ways to keep us motivated. We’ve found active-wear to be the best form of motivation, because it really pushes us to go to the gym or get up early for a run.

Obviously, this means we’re always hunting for good quality active-wear.  During one such hunt, we discovered that Forever New has launched an active-wear line aptly called ACTIVE, with some fantastic prints on garments that have been designed with an eye for performance.

Performance Meets Beauty

These are stitched keeping work-outs in mind, as well as an active lifestyle, with the added perks of beautiful designs and prints that make them look like more than just work-out wear.

This line is perfect for the style-conscious fitness buff and, honestly, we will definitely be wearing these outside the gym as well; just look at them!

What We Love

Totally tripping over the marble printed leggings and bra tops; we can’t wait to get our hands on these.

Forever New

Available Online