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Elixir In A Bottle: This Ayurvedic Brand Would Make You Love Your Skin

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Khadi Essentials

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Khadi Essentials has got the solution to all your skin problems, wrapped up in beautiful packaging. This brand combines trusted Ayurvedic rituals with contemporary science to create an illuminated feeling inside and out as they focus on Niramaya, the state of eternal well-being. Winter is right around the corner, and in the changing weather, it’s super important to have a natural skincare routine to maintain its health.

Their products are created with carefully curated, organic ingredients that are sure to make your skin and hair feel great. It gives you results while being gentle on your skin as it is free of harmful chemicals, like sulphate and parabens. Their ingredients are all natural, so, if you can eat it, you can put it on your face! What makes it even better? Their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free, for guilt free indulgence! 

Niramaya Methi Hair Mask

Khadi Essentials’ Methi Hair Mask is the answer to all your hair problems! From an irritated scalp to dry or oily hair, this mask soothes the scalp and gives you strong and lustrous locks. It’s the perfect first step before your regular shampoo and conditioner regime, put it on for 30 minutes and sit back as it works its magic.

Kamdhenu Luxe Bath Bar

Only the best for your skin- this product combines cow ghee, burnt sugar and coconut milk as it locks in moisture that melts right into your skin. The ingredients are gentle and make it perfect for sensitive skin. You can even use it on your little babies’ super soft skin!

Kadlivana Hair Rinser

Next step after the Methi Hair Mask is this shampoo made with bananas and lotus! As the bananas moisturise your hair, the lotus cleanses the scalp and gives it hydration and elasticity. It’s also perfect for helping you tame your frizzy hair in the changing weather.

Ramani Body Balsam

There’s a reason rose and milk are the go-to ingredients for radiant skin. This body butter combines these two ingredients to help you achieve glowing skin making you look radiant from within. This classic combination is one that has been trusted for ages, and this modern version of it will have you ready for this festive season.

Swamini Body Butter

This body butter made with juniper berry and argan oil helps reverse damage from the sun, and provide a rosy glow as it increases blood flow to the applied areas. With chocolate and honey as other key ingredients in it, you’ll be fighting common skin concerns like acne and aging, while smelling like a sweet dessert.

Pro Tip

If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones this festive season, Khadi Essentials does beautifully packaged gift boxes so you can pamper your family with the care they deserve!