What Is It?

Anomaly, a brand in Shahpur Jat that does minimal chic unbelievably well, is now inviting walk-ins, and is even offering them a chance to be privy to their design process by letting them admire their eager beaver kaarigars at workas they create the perfect hemlines.

Every Saturday, between 11am and 7pm, visitors can drop by and browse through the collection, witness the clothes in the making or just enjoy the ample greens surrounding this pristine store.

Who Is It For?

220816_Anomaly Open Studio 2Fashion designers, stylists, informed shoppers, aspiring visual merchandisers, those seeking novel experiences or even Shahpur Jat regulars ambling about in search of shop-worthy stuff. Good thing; you’ll be welcomed with open arms. If you’re interested in textiles or specifically looking to overthrow your old work wardrobe, this is your cue.

Why Should I Go For It?

There’re no appointment hassles, and you can just enjoy the airy, easy-breezy energy of this studio. It’s an opportunity to interact with the designer and try on the many options you can never decide from, along with coastal music that fills the air as you browse through their white dresses. In short, this is as soothing as a shopping expedition gets… and as classy.

Anything Else?                     

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When: Every Saturday

Where: 143-B Shahpur Jat, 1st floor

Photos courtesy: Anomaly Open Studio