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Escape The City’s Noises And Head Over To The Barnyard To Be Closer To Nature!

    Sainik Farms, Delhi

    What Makes It Awesome?

    In the hustle bustle of the city with traffic noises and being constantly on the go, it’s important to find a place where you can just detox but without the extra effort of travelling. The Barnyard is one such place that offers peace of mind. Settled in the heart of busy Delhi, this place has the luxury where you can settle under a tree or relax on the hammock and watch the day go by. What’s more, the place gives you the ‘old macdonald had a farm’ vibe with its own family of pets that include Bruno the dog, Rocky the rooster, Mohini the calf, Kit n Kat the geese, Bun n Click the rabbits, Tinker the goat and Duh the donkey. Transport yourself to the field of Switzerland where the only noises are quiet and peace. What really got us hooked was that all the animals there are rescued and the primary purpose of the place is to instill a sense of compassion in the kids towards these gentle and beautiful creatures. You know what the research says, kids that spend time with animals from a young age grow up to be more empathetic. However, this place is not only for kids. Family, corporates, artists, yogis, school groups can also find an ideal spot for day activities. Come one, come all because the place can fix maximum 100 people! 

    There are more available at the farm such as an education centre where you can find out more about the animals and how to take care of them such as feeding them. It is an experience centre where people  can be close to animals, observe them, groom them, feed and love them. Get closer to the environment and learn about conservation and environment projects. Make products using waste such as making cloth bags instead of plastic ones. Do your bit for the environment and the best place is the Barnyard! They also have a Farmacy where vegan and all natural meals and products are available. A place within the heart of Delhi where one can feel closer to the environment and the ‘good natural holistic life’!  

    So, We’re Saying....

    Remove yourself from the hustle bustle of the city and head over to the Barnyard to rejuvenate yourself and feel closer to nature! They also have a Farmer’s market on the weekends where you can book a table and sell/shop organic produce and home made knick-knacks. 

    (Open only on Saturday & Sunday fro 11am-5pm; Closed on Monday) 

    For Group Visits, Tuesday to Friday By Appointment Only.

    Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to know more! 

      Sainik Farms, Delhi