Weekend Goals: Plan A Roadtrip To Dhungali With Your Buds & Relax At Saur Cottages

    What Makes It Awesome

    I like to travel with Rootsvida {www.rootsvida.com} mainly to experience something different every single time that they offer. And this time it was kinda like an escape. In this trip, the traveller {in this case me and my friends} had no clue where one is heading, what the place will be like and what one will be doing except for some minor clues. We drove on the road that falls away to the west of Dehradun, into the swathes of terraced fields, where Saur is situated. This was actually the beginning of a brand new adventure. Saur Cottages is a perfect example of community tourism initiative. The Saur Cottages are actually newly restored 1930s pahadi houses. In accordance with the indigenous building practices, the restoration used locally available stones and pinewoods as well as mud plaster and traditional construction techniques. Also, I would give them brownie points for their delish food and a really warm hospitality! Plus, if you find happiness in small things, then you'll absolutely love this destination as they have rewarding hikes and beautiful bonfire nights in store for you.

    What Could Be Better?

    Nothing as such.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Google Maps may hang up due to connectivity issues. So you may not find even a single person around to ask the address of the cottages. So do stay connected with the caretaker of the cottages for directions. You may also want to take a projector along to watch a movie under the stars.

    Anything Else?

    Do not expect luxury, instead just go there to connect with nature.