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If Every Dude We Met In Delhi Resembled An Emoji, What Would They Look Like?

Ipsita posted on 13 May


They say that if you look at a person long enough, they start resembling an emoji. Think about it—there’s definitely someone you know who perpetually resembles a *surprised emoji*, or the one who’s so cool that the *emoji wearing shades* seems to have been designed for him.

Found some of these gems in Delhi lately?

The Happy Soul

The jovial, happy-go-lucky guy who can light up any room he walks into. People look for him to forget their own troubles and he’s more than willing to make people feel good about themselves. That smile could almost stop a war. Almost.

Where to find him: You’re likely to find this specimen in college {not jaded by the outside world just yet}.

The Love Bitten Bug

This guy is the epitome of the love-struck characters playing the lead in traditional Bollywood movies. His persistence to get the girl of his dreams can serve as a lesson to so many of us who otherwise give up too easily.

Where to find him: At the coffee shop he knows his crush visits regularly. A few accidental bump-ins and exchange of ‘hellos’ later he may just get her number. Win!

The Jughead

Give this guy some food and you’d make his day. His life revolves around eating, and the way he does it on a regular, uninterrupted basis is how someone with a massive case of munchies would.

Where to find him: At any and every fast food restaurant. Or a Delhi wedding.

The Party Animal

Whichever party spot you go to, you’ll find that one face that seems oddly familiar. That’s because this guy is EVERYWHERE, and doesn’t like to miss out on any chance to boogie on the dance floor.

Where to find him: Social. Townhall. And maybe if he’s really in the know—Piano Man Jazz club.

The Charmer

The smooth talker, ladies’ man, or the casanova; this guy is always oh-so-suave and has women going gaga every time he smiles. If this guy was in school, you could find a herd of junior girls following him around giggling annoyingly.

Where to find him: Wherever they have a good bottle of single malt. ATM and PCO are his jam.

The Sports Star

This guy has been part of every sports team/club since childhood, and one of every two conversations he has is, by default, about a match that was on last night. He took part in every championship and competition till college finished, and still plays the game every chance he gets.

Where to find him: TINDER. No, seriously. And there’s Yes Minister, Underdoggs and SMAAASH.

The Movie Buff

This guy is the first in line for any movie that releases on a Friday. ANY—from Oscar-winning Birdman to suicide-inducing Chennai Express, he’s seen it all. He just loves being in a movie hall and likes to catch them all before the rest of the world does.

Where to find him: PVR Anupam, because when you watch that many movies, you’ve got to start thinking about your budget.

The Geek

You can find him hiding behind his Macbook Pro either playing games or watching Star Wars for the 384th time. True story.

Where to find him: Chaayos—because the force is with him.

The Guy With The Guitar

This is that guy who sings and plays one love song on loop on his guitar, with a crowd around him humming along. The crowd, eventually dissipates though.

Where to find him: At Hippie Trail, crooning away to glory, hoping to get a standing ovation one of these days.

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