Snack Healthier with Evolve


Got the munchies? Bite into a potpourri of seeds, nuts, berries, cookies and macarons. Evolve Snacks is keeping our mindless eating habits in check with their range of healthy titbits.

Health in a box

You can order individual snacks or sign up for a subscription {one month/two months/three months} and watch your lifestyle evolve to a more nutritious one. Clueless about what to start with? We recommend the Baby Lemon and Oranges {only if you do well with sour}, the Seeds and Berries {sprinkle these on your yoghurt for best results}, the BBQ Cashew and the Crax Fox Nuts {for a spicy bite}.

True to their name, Evolve Snacks keeps evolving, adding different flavours and ingredients to their collection. So make sure you keep logging in and hogging on.

Where: Order online here.

Price: Starting at INR 500 for a monthly box {four full-sized packets}

Contact: 18002000872

Find them on Facebook here.