Excuse Me Boss Makes Shady Bars Look Cool

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Excuse Me Boss in CP is a combination of shady, cool, musical, and classy.

Who Is It For?

There’s nothing much to dislike about this place, but passive smokers & non-smokers might not like it as they allow for open smoking instead of a separate smoking room. Apart from that, the place is alright.


Ambience is nice but there’s nothing much to write home about. The service is pretty fast and staff co-operative and hospitable. It remains empty most of the days {not necessarily a bad thing as far as we are concerned} so don’t be fooled by the appearance outside; you’d find it to be less crowded than other places in CP even on weekends.


Try draught beer pitcher as it’s cheap. The food is the usual Indian, continental and Chinese affair.

How Was Your Experience?

The DJ was playing the kind of music that goes with the mood and ambience of the place. The music might not be up to everyone’s tastes but it definitely caters to the idea of a shady bar playing some shady music.

Find them on Facebook here.


We won’t always guarantee a seat as it may be affected by what time you’re visiting; but we’d suggest you make a reservation prior to your visit. Parking is available on most days.