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7 #ExperTips On How To Buy Area Rugs For Sofa Sets By Javi Home

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Only a few décor elements are as fundamental and transformative as an area rug. Whether they act as artwork for the floor or provide complimentary background for the interiors, it's a powerful design tool. While a rug can impeccably anchor a room, finding one that can add texture to your space and comfort to your feet can be daunting.

We got in touch with Javi Home who design and manufacture sustainable carpets and rugs and have been in the industry for over 10 years! They have a clientele in more than 70 countries and hundreds of happy customers. Naman Jain, Head of Retail there and a virtuoso in rugs was kind enough to share some awesome tips with us that are *actually* helpful.

Size Matters

Oversized rugs overwhelm and dwarf a space whereas too small a rug throws off the proportion of the space. A good rule of thumb is to find a rug that accommodates the required seating area, rather than the whole room. It is recommended to have at least the front legs of the sofa and chairs sitting on the rug if not all four. Leave a few inches between the wall and the rug’s edge will define the seating area well.

Create Symphony with Colour

Embrace colours and trends that ideally complement the other elements in the room. Balancing the colour palette of your interiors would be to match the colour of the rug with another accent in the room. While darker coloured rugs create a cosy feel, lighter rugs open up spaces.

Consider Usage

Foot traffic is the key element when deciding the rug’s texture. If heavily used room, or if pets are involved, an all wool rug, sisal or a cotton flatweave as these can take a good beating. For the classic style living rooms that are observed and not touched, silk or antique rugs are ultra-luxe.

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Solid Or Patterned

A patterned rug can bring vitality to space and liven up a neutral area. But if your upholstery is patterned, going for a solid rug or a subtle graphic is more graceful.

Shop: Pattern rug, Solid rug

Play Around with Shapes

Round rugs can bring a playful feel but in small sizes and best with circular or curved furniture pieces. Rectangle and square area rugs create a more formal appeal

Shop: Round rug, Rectangle rug

Positioning Is Key

Let the room orientation be your guide as to which way to have the rug running. A wall to wall rug creates warm and cosy spaces, a medium-sized rug is best for central living room seating arrangement and a small area rug can be used below a central table. You can even try and extend rugs under the furniture. 

Use One or a Few

An easy way to add dimension and visual interest to a room is to layer rugs with similar colours or elements. A solid ground colour, layered with a smaller patterned rug that highlights some of the colours of the interiors. Or zoning out, creating rooms within a room by placing different rugs for different seating arrangements.


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