Fa Yian’s Chinese Takes You Back To Your Childhood

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Fa Yian is a small restaurant in the middle lane of CP behind A-block which is bringing authentic Chinese cuisine to our tables.

What’s The Place Like?

Part of the experience is the minimalistic ambience, quite like the old-world charm of Chinese restaurants we used to visit as kids with our family. It’s not too loudly done up, either.

Chinese Bliss

That’s the first thought that came to mind when we had their food. We tried the Chicken In Oyster Sauce and Thin Chicken Noodles; they weren’t that spicy and went really well together. The Singapore Chicken is a must try as well.

So, We’re Saying...

With CP becoming a trove of new restaurants and eateries, you’re sure to find this place a welcome change from the usual, We highly recommend this one for a great afternoon lunch or a quiet weekday post-work dinner.

Photos: Aniruddha Banerjee/LBB