The Next Time You Go For A Facial, Ask For Comfort Zone

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We went for a rare facial, and came away super-satisfied and glowing after using products by the newly-launched Comfort Zone.

Face Facts

We waltzed into the salon {we went to Toni & Guy in GK2} and first things first, were given a skin consultation. Feeling very dejected after being told we had dry skin, and were being given the anti-ageing treatment, we headed in.

In Our Comfort Zone

The facial took about an hour, and involved creams, a mask, cleanser and a very invigorating head, neck and shoulder massage. Once we were done, we looked in the mirror and felt {ok, looked} five years younger.

Our skin looked cleaner and brighter, and definitely felt super-soft, hydrated and bouncy; almost like we’d stepped out of an advertisement. They have a huge range of products, targeted at specific areas. We suggest you check them out for yourself, or go for a consultation and ask them to decide what’s best for you.

So, We're Saying

You know how your skin tends to develop rashes or turn red after a facial? None of that happened. This alone was enough to convince us that there’s definitely something to it. We suggest you check it out for yourself, though.

Where: Available at most leading salons; call and check beforehand.

Check out their products on the website  here.