This Hotel In Jaipur Is One Of The Most Instagrammable In The Country


    The Fairmont Hotel, Jaipur (also the only Fairmont hotel in the country so far) is perfect for anyone looking to run away from the city and get in a luxe, Instagrammable staycation.

    What Makes It Awesome

    That it's literally crafted for photography. Any amateur blogger, or person looking for a lovely backdrop for a shoot is going find their Mecca at this hotel. From beautiful, infinite steps to sandstone buildings and stark white domes against clear blue water structures, the whole place is an Instagram dream come true. 

    While the rooms are definitely clean, pristine, and replete with a panoramic view, you'll want to spend most of your time outside of them because the rest of the hotel is a stunning enough draw. However, if you are spending time in it, you'll find most it being whiled away in the bathroom—it's legitimately the the size of the room itself. It's spacious old-world, and any tub-junkie will lose their mind at the enormous, coconut shell-shaped structure smack dab in the centre. 

    When you step out, there's a lovely spa (one of the best in the city, for certain) for anyone who wants to partake in spa-esque activities (we really didn't—we're not big on contact sports). We are, however, a bit gym-obsessed, and these guys have a patchouli-scented gym stocked with all the equipment you'll ever need (and some you'll never understand, so like any decent gym). 

    Lastly (and most importantly), the food. The restaurants and tea bars aren't just for eating, they are for inundating people's feeds with jealousy. From a curated (not to mention aesthetic) high tea at their tea lounge, Anjum, to a drink at their very unique library bar Aza, you'll find yourself delighting in both flavours and photo-value. 

    Our favourite was the multitasker all-day dining arena, Zoya. They had some truly fantastic things on the menu, of which the Chicken Popcorn and Jalepeno pizza, Burmese Curry Noodle Soup, Lal Maas, and Desi Citiwalla Kukkad stood out most (with the Sticky Date Pudding being the star of the dessert section). 

    What Could Be Better

    There was a Persian food restaurant we had heard a lot about at the hotel—ZARIN—that opens only for dinner. However, when we went, it was closed throughout. It would have been nice if it were open. 

    Pro Tip

    Clear plenty of space on your camera—this hotel was very obviously designed to be photographable, and if you're an Insta junkie, this hotel will give you many wonderful frames to shoot.