Ten-Second Takeaway

A holiday that’s actually about R&R, long treks and leisurely strolls through beautiful orchards, stay at Fairydale Resort in Lansdowne for a unique experience.

Weekend Getaway To Narnia

Sometimes one just wants to get lost between gnomes and elves and enchanted beings. We staggered onto our very own Narnia just a few 250 kilometers from the capital. Fairydale Resort at Lansdowne is the place to be if you want a great weekend getaway, on a budget. Did we mention hill dogs bounding aimlessly and hammocks to laze around in the whole day?

Nestled amongst Pine and Baanj trees, Fairydale Resorts is so hidden that you know you’ve reached only when you actually turn past the gates of the elegant Garhwal Rifles Centre. The resort was built in 1912 by the British regiment who earlier constructed the headquarters for Garhwal Rifles in late 1800s, which explains its royal architecture, complete with a library and fireplaces in each room.

Nature At Its Best

110716_FairydaleResortLansdowne1 Escape Into A Fairytale At Fairydale Resort In Lansdowne

With space only for 30 or so guests, Fairydale is the ideal weekend hideout for people living in Delhi NCR. The view from each of the rooms is breathtaking – tall oaks and blue pines raise like spires off the mountainside. The forests are lovely, dark and deep, just ideal for those long walks and a rejuvenating experience. The stream snaking down the side of the mountain in so clear that you can see the pebbles on its bed from the armchair in your room.

major portion of the property has been converted to orchards, and your meals will comprise locally grown fruits and vegetables. In fact, each person who visits has the option of planting a tree and paying for its upkeep, due to which the orchards house more than 5,000 trees, including mangoes, guavas, lemon, apples etc.

One of the best things about the resort is the limited mobile and internet connectivity, ensuring you cannot carry your work here and are forced to take time off – a perfect getaway!

#LBBTip: Do make time to talk to the owners as they have a great deal to share about the history of the resort, as well intriguing tales to tell about the various animal visitors who drop in from time to time.

Where: Lansdowne – 246155, District: Pauri Garhwal,Uttarakhand India

Contact: 01386-262599, +919412081837, +919412025206, or write to contactus@fairydaleresort.in

Price: Varies depending on the package you choose

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Photos: Fairydale Resort Lansdowne


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