Fantastic Bean To Bar Chocolates- Especially Their Dark Chocolate With Blueberries

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What Makes It Awesome?

Darkins is awesome- I'm a sucker for good dark chocolate and prefer chocolates that aren't too sweet (especially given I end up having a bite every night post-dinner.) I discovered Darkins via a colleague at work but ended up trying it out recently. They've got a few variants, and my favourites are their 70% Dark Chocolate and 85% dark Chocolate with blueberries.

Their chocolates are vegan & gluten-free- which is great, but not the reason I've been buying them on repeat. Darkins isn't overly sweet and is made using all-natural ingredients which is what I love about them. I end up shopping in between Mason & Co, Naviluna and Darkins. Each has its own unique flavours, so give them all a shot

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