Vegans This Farm-To-Table Eatery At The Dhan Mill Compound Is For You!

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What Makes It Awesome?

People Of Tomorrow is a project started by the owner Ritv Kapoor who is a vegan convert himself to preserve future generations which is also a space for environmentally conscious brands to display their products. A sustainable platform to bring visibility, not only does the cafe serve vegan meals, they also encourage and educate their staff, customers, associates about the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle, transcending cuisine. It is a Farm-to-table eatery. Before we get into the food, I need to appreciate the ambience of the place. The eatery is located at a quite corner of the compound and the moment you see the entrance it gives you a hint of something interesting going on in the inside.

The seating is spaced out in two areas one of which is a corner alongside the kitchen for more transparency amongst visitors. The open space and sitting area gives us a comfortable and chill vibe with a sassy wall decor, neon lights, and quirky artwork. I was quite impressed by the unique cutlery that they had.

Coming back to the food, they have  a live taco counter, burgers, Mezze platters, pizzas, pasta, salads and more! Divine desserts and shakes on the menu are certified to satiate one's sugar cravings. Must have delicacies at the hub include the portobello mushroom burger oozing with green flavours- a dish dousing the palate with bursts of flavours even when thought about; our favourite is the casa recce horsegeam bolognese- that changes the preconceived notions about the vegan culinary world, flavour-packed seasonal green beans with kaffir lime sambhal and much more! 

All in all, this vegan eatery can easily become a go to spot for someone who enjoys good vegan food and the desserts make it a more cohesive. So, if you are looking for a chic vegan eatery in town, head to People of Tomorrow and when you go there, here's everything else you can do at The Dhan Mill Compound.