Rara Avis for Leather Apparel, Bags, & Accessories

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    Stop by designer store Rara Avis for stunning bags, accessories, and clothes, and best of all, for the reinvention of leather in the form of bombers, jackets, sweatshirts, and embroidered accents.

    Leather Learning

    Redefining our association with the fabric, designer Sonal Verma of Rara Avis uses leather across sweatshirts, jackets, capes, and best of all, as embroidery elements. Look closely and you’ll find that the metallic finished sequins on her clothes are all actually leather, reused to make it an accessible fabric twelve months of the year. The use of leather extends to clutches and bags in different shapes and sizes; even accessories and jewellery have sufficient leather accents, giving the fabric new meaning.

    As for silhouettes, cuts, and general aesthetic, if you’re blessed {yes, we’re saying blessed}, with an Indian woman’s body type, she’s your designer in shining leather. There tends to be a dominant presence of androgynous cuts, oversized shift dresses, and boyfriend style sweatshirts, so every lady is happy.

    Other than Leather

    As for fabrics other than leather, she uses cotton, airbrushed to give it the look of wool. Whether it’s oversized beige shirts in brushed cotton with leather pockets, or shift dresses with a leather trim, she says she won’t design anything she wouldn’t personally wear, and whether you like her style or not, you cannot ignore the painstaking effort in every perfectly engineered product.

    We dropped many a product after one look at the price tag, but come to think of it, leather’s never going to go out of style, and if the clothes we already own are any testament, they’ll last you season after season.

      Available Online