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Fashion & Fine Dining: This New Restaurant Is An Ode To Style With Food As Gorgeous As Its Setting

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The Runway Project by PizzaExpress is a new restaurant that brings together high fashion and a fine-dining menu, curated by a celebrity chef in the heart of South Delhi.

Pastels, Pumps And Pasta

The vibe of The Runway Project is aesthetically curated to whirl you away from the disorderly din that is Saket Select Citywalk’s upper floors, rife with bustling families rushing to make their matinees, and worn shoppers trudging from one storefront to the other. As you walk into this cerulean-and-salmon doused restaurant with tasteful, muted yellow couches, you understand why the ethos of this Couture Bar & Kitchen is so intrinsically linked to fashion. From a store window that plans to house mannequins donning a string of collections by varied designers {in rotation}, to a line up of books, running the length of the couch backs, on all the style veterans we’ve grown up on a diet of {Guccio Gucci, Miuccia Prada…}, the restaurant reeks of fashion intelligence.

The menu, put together by Chef Vicky Ratnani {you know him from your television set} while a touch limiting—options-wise, compensates by being flavourful and nuanced. I was served an interesting mix of things, from a spice-infused pepperoni pizza with a hole cut out at the centre {and replaced with a pine-nut salad}, to a decadent chocolate tart {that, I admit, might have been a little tough to crack} made of an exquisite chocolate, the texture of which stayed with me well after. I was, of course, served myriad other things that were enjoyable at the time, but in the end perhaps had less recall value than these two. The portions teeter between meagre and plentiful, and you will have ‘exactly enough’, which is a refreshing change.

The drinks are definitely one of the bigger sells of this couture kitchen, with a plethora of well-blended cocktails that don’t hit you like a ton of bricks with their potency—but don’t fail in their efforts to bring a buzz on, either. Your evening would be incomplete without one.

So, We're Saying

It’s definitely worth checking out, especially since Select Citywalk is a space we find ourselves in often enough {read; every time Zara or H&M choose to go on sale}. Also, very Insta-friendly.