Simplify Your Skincare With This Brand’s Purpose-Driven Products

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What Makes It Awesome

I’ll be honest, sometimes I procrastinate going to sleep because I’m too lazy to practice my entire nighttime skincare routine before bed. So whether you’re lazy like I am or just generally don’t like to be unnecessarily layering on 10 different products on your skin, Feel Raw Botanicals, a fairly new online store, is going to save your skin (and time.) Their range of products- moisturisers, toners and face washes- is need-based and also gender neutral and their approach is no-nonsense with a healthy dose of gentle care.

They have a few different types of face washes, like an oil based one and another jelly based. I got the Milky Jelly Cleanser which works well for those of us who have sensitive skin. It was definitely gentle and cleansing and my skin didn’t feel like it was stripped of all natural oils but I didn’t like how I had to use 2 pumps to clean my face, felt a little wasteful and excessive. From their moisturisers, I picked the Pure Squalane Moisturiser that works for almost all skin types. I liked how all product descriptions spoke about the benefits of every individual ingredient. This worked well enough but I felt the jar was pretty small, being only 30ml. 

Other moisturisers they have are the Kumkumadi moisturiser which’ll work for you if you’re dealing with acne scars, there’s also an oil-free one for those who’ve got combination or oily skin. I didn’t try out the serum but I loved the sound of it as it’s got rice and strawberry in it so I might pick it up if I reorder. Another bit I liked was how in their product description, they’ve listed the percentage of the ingredients that were sourced locally!

Price: INR 995 for the Squalane Moisturiser, INR 535 for the Milky Jelly Cleanser

What Could Be Better

Some of the products have a relatively shorter shelf life considering they’re all natural and made-to-order. However, since the size isn’t too big, you’re likely to run out of the face wash in less than 6 months.


Some of their products are made to order so don’t expect a super quick delivery. Also, they’re extremely interactive on Instagram so in case you’re stuck trying to pick between two different products, they’d be happy to help you make a choice!