In a brand new edition  of ‘What To Order For Lunch Today’, may we suggest Fig? They’ve just started delivering in select parts of Gurgaon {find out if your office qualifies for delivery here} and from all-day-breakfast to cold-pressed juices, they have an extensive daily menu.

What are we most excited about? Pancakes, duh. They’re available as part of their all-day-breakfast menu, in both buttermilk and wholewheat varieties. For lunch and dinner, they don’t bore you with bland, leafy salads – the idea is to eat healthy while still enjoying every bite. Take, for instance, the Seafood Salad With Chilli Lime. We hope this isn’t a one-time offering because to not be able to try it out would be pretty crabby.

Check out the menu here.

Timings: 8am – 9pm

Featured photo source: Fig