You’ll Find Garden Furniture, DIY Terrariums & The Cutest Planters Here


In a flood of so many gardening websites, we found a keeper: myBageecha. Know why? Because it’s got a little bit of everything to nurture and beautify our green patch: Furniture, lighting, pots, terrarium kits and even seeds and plants.

Dude, Your Best Buds Are All Here

Hoping to take to the khurpee in your free time but no idea about where to begin? Get these Ready To Grow kits that are perfect for a first-timer. Next, keep yourself motivated by buying a couple of these planters that are groovy but totally non-fussy. 

We reckon you’ll build some confidence as you see those tiny seedlings develop into “well-settled” plants and then is the time to get creative {the garden art category is brimming with ideas}. From hanging gnomes to dreamy bicycles, there are just so many summer projects waiting to take shape, guys. And, if you still can’t manage to turn yourself into a worthwhile gardener, they all can double up as statement pieces easy.

Join The Pots

After the essentials, feel free to graduate to artificial grass, terrarium sets and funky lights. With a little imagination, we assure you you’ll be able to turn that dumb, shrubby place to a cosy tea-party haven. Finally, get these art deco chairs and a small cabinet to store your tools, seeds and new-found knowledge and voila, you got yourself a picture-perfect corner you never thought you could build with your own unsure hands.

But like all good things, garden space will finally run out, right? So, just plonk these stunning fairy gardens in your bathroom because space should never limit your wild creativity.