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Find Lawyers & Chartered Accountants Via Expertily

Namrata posted on 27 January


A new online portal that connects people to a network of lawyers and chartered accountants: You can ask questions, book consultations and/or hire verified lawyers and CA’s off Expertily.

The basics

Started by the minds behind The Resolve Guru, Expertily will let you post professional and personal queries on their portal. You can expect them to connect you with lawyers and CA’s that practice close to you. Ever had a question about tax or employment rights? You’ve found the platform to voice it on.

The how-tos

You could hire the expert you need from their large network right away, or you could post a specific query and wait to be connected to the concerned set of lawyers or CAs. Their experience, gender, charges and area of specialisation is out there for you to see—so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

The what-ifs

The experts are verified and filtered before they’re put on the website, so you know you’re getting quality. In case your experience turns sour, take it up with Expertily and they’ll see how they can remedy the situation.

Final word

Their service aims to make your life easier by making the daunting task of finding a reliable expert easier and more efficient. As for the lawyers and CAs, they’re easily connected to new clients. Win-win? We think so.

Sign up on their website here. {They’ll be live by February 5, 2016}.