Tone those muscles, strengthen that core and stretch away your aches and pains with these yoga classes in Gurgaon.

Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio, started by Seema Sondhi {if you hadn’t already guessed}, focuses on Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, which is great for people looking to strengthen and work deeper muscles. They also focus on honing the traditional practices of breathing, meditating, and relaxing.

Komal Yoga

Certified to teach yoga from the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, Komal also knows what she’s doing with Body Balance and Zumba. Having worked across popular fitness centres across Delhi and Gurgaon, she now teaches at her Phase 4 studio, which also doubles as a Pilates Studio.

Red Mat

Image courtesy: Red Mat Pilates

Photo courtesy: Red Mat Pilates

While primarily a pilates studio, Red Mat also have effective pre-natal yoga classes once a week. Their certified trainers are eager to help and always willing to push you. They also have yoga workshops on weekends.


Operational in Gurgaon since 2004, we can only assume they are the masters of zen to have survived a decade in this town. With multiple centres across Gurgaon, the 60-minute weekday sessions are perfect for those trying to fit some yoga into their work week.

Special Yogis

Image courtesy: Special Yogis

Photo courtesy: Special Yogis

This group of yoga practitioners believe that yoga is for just about everyone, and is true to its word, offering classes to people of all ages, including pre-natal yoga and specialised, personalised classes for individuals with developmental or behavioral challenges.

Ananda Sangha

A global movement based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, Ananda Sangha centres can be found all over the country; Gurgaon has two. Ananda yoga focuses on bringing Hatha yoga back to popularity, and focuses on adaptability, relaxation and breathing.

Dhyana Yoga And Wellness Studio

Image courtesy: Dhyana Yoga & Wellness

Photo courtesy: Dhyana Yoga & Wellness

Started by Charu Agarwal, this centre for wellness goes by that mantra all the way. There are one-on-one therapy sessions and group workshops to address each individual’s need, all for the collective cause of contentment.

Mystic Light Yoga

Run by Kriti Bagga, a disciple of Paramhasna Yogananda,  Mystic Light aims to integrate one’s physical, mental and spiritual well being. There are group classes in the mornings, as well as private lessons available on request for a total of 12 classes a month.

Yoga With Sapna

Image courtesy: Yoga with Sapna

Photo courtesy: Yoga with Sapna

This is a programme that draws from the traditional discipline, but is adapted to the contemporary lifestyle. Each technique has been tailored by Sapna Dutt, who has been a practitioner for over 18 years. She has a deep understanding of Iyenger yoga and promotes yoga as a means of strengthening the two pillars of happy living; mental and physical wellbeing.

Featured Photo courtesy: Seema Sondhi – The Yoga Studio