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A wood paneled stair case leads up to an expansive new restaurant, complete with bare brick walls, plush leather sofas, a balcony, high and low seating, and if you look carefully some super unique upholstery.

Gastronomica by Sumit Goyal, you can tell takes it’s food very seriously. The menu includes Pan-Asian, European and Indian cuisine {and a regular fusion mention}. Given the presentation, coming together of flavors, and descriptors of the dishes, the effort behind the menu is evident. For the sake of a taster, think Quinoa Bhel, Crispy Seafood Popcorn, Chipotle Chicken Tikka, Wasabi Chicken Tikka, a Dimsum menu {this is where they had us}, pasta and a wide range of European options including Crepes, Veal Steaks, Lamb Chops and Tenderloin Medallions. And we’re not done. Just like this post, the menu goes on, featuring the choice of Oriental mains, including black pepper tenderloin and stir fried spring greens, the option of rice and noodles, AND Indian Pots. If you still haven’t made up your mind, perhaps the gourmet Kulchas and wood fired oven pizzas, might tip the odds in their favor.

You know lunches with friends where no one can really decide what cuisine they want? That’s the joy in Gastronomica, no one really has to anymore.

Where: M-55, Greater Kailash-1

Contact: 01141614173

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