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Head To Fio Cookhouse For Some Sunday Brunching

Aditya posted on 27th August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Sundays are meant for relaxing after a long and stressful work week, and helping us with it is the Sunday table brunch at Fio Cookhouse.

Chow Down

Grilled Chilli Thyme Chicken, Spit-Fired Chicken

Sip On

Chia-Melon Martini, Settling Tea

Winning For

Apart from being a set menu that offers quite a lot to choose from, it is also pretty affordable for the number of things that you’d be trying. Variety is a plus point here.

Thanks A Brunch

A perfect way to unwind, catch up with your buddies and to pre-game for the party that is yet to begin, this brunch is a must try.

From hors d’oeuvres to desserts, this eight-course meal is a taste trip from the beginning, and you might want to go empty stomach for this one. We tried the non-vegetarian brunch and there is nothing that did not really impress us.

The courses are well divided between subtle and spicy flavours and each offering holds their own. Unlimited drinks are another bonus {and that really helps wash down all the heavy eating}.

The grilled chilli thyme chicken and spit fired chicken were our favourites, but that did not stop us from loving the olive crusted sea bass or the Khyber mutton curry too.

Out of the desserts, we absolutely loved the truffle tiramisu and the Viennese raspberry choco mousse {and wanted some more}.

So, We’re Thinking…

We’ll be going for this again, and would recommend the same for you. They know what they’re doing and it reflects in their offerings.

Price: INR 1,799 for the Teetotaller Brunch, 2,599 for the Premier Tippler Sparling Brunch

Fio Cookhouse & Bar

Nehru Place
Fine Dining