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Have You Tried This Flaming Paan In CP?

    Connaught Place, Delhi


    If you’re a paan enthusiast, CP will serve you well with its range of Fire Paan, Ice Paan, Kulfi Paan and Ghundi Paan. Just take a stroll in front of Naturals Ice Cream to find them.

    Eat What?

    Fire Paan- this is a normal meetha gulkand paan with peppermint brass so that it catches fire easily. And don’t worry- your mouth isn’t going to catch fire.

    Anything Else?

    You can also visit Shukla Paan Palace Odeon or the paan shop opposite Bhape Da Hotel to try these fancy mouth fresheners.

    This was first discovered by Delhi Food Walks.

      Connaught Place, Delhi