Ten-Second Takeaway

Looking to pretty up your balcony? Masjid Nursery has super-helpful staff, lots of budget options and even does home-delivery!

Plant Tales

If you’re a first-timer, like I was, fret not. The nursery is pretty huge, but all I did was walk up to the first person I saw {the very accommodating Mohammed} and asked for budget options. I also specified that I would need plants that wouldn’t need to be watered every day {busy schedules, amirite?}.

High On Pot

171116_masjid-nursery-on-pandara-roadI was swayed by some very pretty colours and ended up buying a whole lot more than I anticipated, but then came the good part.

After picking out the plants, the more exciting bit for me was picking out the pots. I highly suggest not buying the flower pots here since they’re more expensive than most places. I headed to Hauz Rani instead and got the same pots at less than half the price {bargaining skillz on point}.

So, We’re Saying

If you’re looking to make an informed decision about your plants, and need help, head to Masjid Nursery. They even have a basic website, which you can check out here, but we suggest you make a visit.

Contact: 011 23381808

Photos: Urvee Modwel/LBB