Say what you want about Dilliwaalas but you can’t deny that they’re hustlers. You’ll always be able to find individuals pushing the envelope and being innovative in the sphere of their respective crafts. Primo Privilege rounded up 10 of these cool kids, and here’s a few stories we recommend you check out.

Shreya Soni

Founder of Picture Wala, Shreya Soni works at engaging with children from Delhi’s slums by way of a culture, arts & entertainment skill building club. From workshops, to cinema, music, art and other activities, the non-profit organisation enables children to just be their age and build on their character. Heart-warming? You bet.

Rahul & Goumtesh

The men behind one of Delhi’s most beloved bars, Goumtesh and Rahul started Raasta in an attempt to introduce the people of Delhi to music that went beyond just metal and EDM. It’s now one of those quintessential Delhi spots that we {and the people of the city} drift towards to chill and grab a drink, catch-up with friends or belt a couple of tunes.

Kula Naidu

Malaysia return Kula Naidu wanted to bring a lesser known and tried cuisine to the city of Delhi. After a few attempts that didn’t go too smoothly, he finally nailed it with Asian Haus, Sushi Haus and a catering service and a fast food Chinese brand. We love their sushi, so we’re glad he kept at it.

Arjun Sagar Gupta

Music man Arjun Sagar Gupta combined two passions when he opened up the Piano Man Jazz Club- food and music. The space does right by artists all over the city by giving them a platform to thrive. There’s also a killer Prohibition Era style bar to sample from and trust us, it only adds to the experience.

Bahaar Dhawan

Ever wanted to leave behind your nine to five job and take the plunge into doing something that brought you real joy? Take a cue from Bahaar Dhawan, who turned to doing art full-time after working as a lawyer for quite a bit of time; quite a courageous move, if you ask us. Her first show she practically sold all her pieces and she now paints full time.

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Featured image courtesy: Primo Privilege