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#LBBPicks: Five Frozen Foods We Love & Where To Get Them


    One of our happiest memories as children was coming home from school to find a steaming hot snack awaiting us. Little did we know {at the time} that snack had been hard and cold not a few minutes before we entered the door. We’ve grown up around some of the following frozen snacks, and we’re sure you have too.

    Potato Smileys From McCain

    If you haven’t heard of McCain, we don’t think we want to know you. One of the world’s largest producers of potato snacks, McCain was just as popular when we were children. Even if you didn’t like their products, you can be sure your household had a pack of the Potato Smileys {our favourite} in the freezer.

    Other favourites include the Cheese Mozzarella Sticks and their Jalapeno and Cheese bites.

    Where: You can buy it all here.

    Price: INR 100

    Hara Bhara Kebabs From Handi Bazaar

    We love Handi Bazaar. Perfect for vegetarian snacks, they offer a wide selection with no preservatives. Dip into their treats, but be sure to try their Hara Bhara Kebabs and the Veg Manchurian dish. The spice levels in Handi’s creations are on the higher side, so if you have sensitive tastebuds, we suggest keeping a stack of roomali rotis and tubs of curd ready to tone down all the heat.

    Where: Available across all Modern Bazaar outlets.

    Price: Starting at INR 95 for a 250 gram packet of kebabs

    Bacon From Prasuma

    A name you’ll find at many convenience stores, Prasuma has a selection of raw and processed meats. We can’t get enough of their bacon, which comes in Streaky, Prime and Smoked cubes. We’re also fans of the Streaky Bacon {for our sandwiches}, their Chicken Sausages and the Pepperoni.

    Where: You can buy yours here.

    Price: INR 290 for Streaky Bacon

    Jalapeno and Cheese Sticks From Al Kabeer

    Over four decades old, Al Kabeer is the frozen meat specialist. You can get ready-made meals, tons of meat and seafood, a few veggies, and delicious snacks like the Jalapeno and Cheese Sticks or the Meat Balls. Nothing like unwrapping one of these bad boys and hearing them sizzle on the pan.

    Where: You can buy it all here

    Price: INR 260

    Cheese Samosas From Green Chick Chop

    We have a Green Chick Chop right near our house, and we’re sure you do too. You could say if they were the bar, we’re the regular drunk who’s there everyday till last call. We’ve been getting our meats there for as long as we can remember, and we were thrilled when they introduced frozen goods. Must try items are the Cheese Samosas {you have to get them just right} and the awesome Masala Pork Sausages.

    Where: Find a store near you here. Call them for free home delivery.

    Price: INR 70