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    5 Fun Variations Of Teen Patti To Play At Your Diwali Parties

    Abhijeet posted on 26 October

    A little Teen Patti never hurt nobody! Bira 91 and LBB have come up with a few fun variations of this age-old game to shuffle up your Diwali parties. The only catch is that you need this deck of Bira 91 playing cards—to make it all the more fun, of course!

    Bira 91


    To play this variation, all the cards numbered 9 and Aces are considered Jokers {91, if you will}. Now, the game is simple. Every time you hit any of these said cards, you can use them as a Joker in combination with your other cards to make a hand.

    Monkey Business


    You can only play this variation of Teen Patti if you're the proud owner of the Bira 91 playing cards. In this hand, every card with a monkey face in the corner, becomes a Joker and therefore can be used with the cards in your hand to make a trail, sequence or colour.

    Bira Beats All


    The game starts with three cards being dealt to every player. The player holding the Bira card wins {the card in the image above}. Easy peasy!

    Bira RnB

    A simple variation on a normal Teen Patti game, here every player is dealt three cards each. Now, of the three cards, if one red and one black each have a the Bira monkey face on them, you have a trail of the third card. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

    You Are Too Drunk

    The game starts with three cards being dealt to every player, and if you land three cards with the monkey face on them, you go bust! Take a break, and refill that glass of Bira.

    Remember to carry your Bira 91 playing cards and try some of these variations at your next Diwali party. We're giving away the Bira 91 deck, so remember to check our Instagram feed for details.

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