Flea Market Prices In A Mall, The Bags At JCraft In Gurgaon Start At INR 699

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MGF Metropolis Mall has lots of secrets, waiting to be uncovered, such as this bags-only store on the first floor. Totes, backpacks and wallets, JCraft is great for pieces you can carry every day.

The Big Bag Theory

With bags as far as the eye can see, JCraft only sells faux-leather {and a small section of leather} shoulder bags, slings, backpacks and wallets. The prices vary, according to size and make, but start at INR 699 {slings} and INR 1,099 {for larger bags}. The styles vary greatly as well, so you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Printed totes that are perfect for grocery shopping, two-toned, neutral shoulder bags to carry to work and teeny slings to accessorize your Saturday night look with – there’s a bag for every occasion at this store.

What We Loved

As much as we love high-end bags and statement pieces, it’s neither practical nor prudential to limit your bag shopping to these. JCraft fills the gaps in your collection with easy-on-the-pocket, easy-on-the-eyes bags and wallets that can rough it out with you, while still making heads turn.

They have an extremely budget-friendly selection of backpacks – we spotted a beige one, that’s perfect to carry to college/as an overnighter, that would only set you back by INR 1,099.

P.S. They have kids’ wallets as well- minimum storage space but these are hella cute!

So, We're Saying...

If you’re looking for a quick replacement or want to beef up your selection of bags, we highly recommend JCraft.