Kettlebells To Mats: Everything You'll Need To Make A Home Gym Is At This Store

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What Makes It Awesome

Since lockdown when my gym shut down and I started working out at home, I've honestly loved it; I get to workout at whichever time I want, I can dress as terribly and no lines waiting for some equipment to get freed up. I have missed the ease and access to equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells and those anti-slip gym tiles so I had to go looking for it. Enter Flexnest, they're an online store that's got all the equipment you'd need at home, made using high quality material so it feels like you're literally using the same equipment that's at gyms. 

Flexnest has light dumbells, Kinet cable pullers, and the coolest (and most convenient) flexibells and flexikettles which are dumbells and kettlebells whose weights can be adjusted basis your needs, the dumbells can go from 2.5kg to 24kg for some serious progression. They've also got resistance bands for glutes and recovery bands to work your body, along with yoga mats, blocks and foam rollers.

As for pricing, they're not the cheapest but they're also not as expensive as international gym equipment. One flexibell is INR 9,999, the light dumbbells start at INR 1,100, a yoga mat is for INR 2,499. But, hey, at least shipping is free!


Want to know more about the equipment or place an order? You can directly talk to the experts at Flexnest through the button here!