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College; three years of bad dietary choices. Attempting to at least try to change the latter half, we’ve found 7 dabba services that will deliver fresh food to your doorstep. If you’re a student and you’ve just hit a rough spot with Maggi and Wai Wai, allow these guys to take over. Take it from someone whose college meal choices are catching up with her… you want to consider fresh food.

China Bowl |

You’ve probably heard of Shagun, a Delhi University hot spot. If you call Shagun for home delivery, you will get re-routed to China Bowl, but worry not, they have the same menu. Choose from a never ending menu of Chinese, Tibetan, and Sea Food options. They’ve also thrown in Japanese for good measure, although let this not be your impression of Japanese food.

Where: 10, Satyaniketan Market, Opposite Venkateshwara College, Satyaniketan

Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Tibetan and Japanese

Price Point: INR 300 for one

Contact: +91 9871927332

Berco’s |

We’ve been out of college for 9, 5 and 4 years respectively, and can guarantee that Berco’s has stood the test of time. You can anticipate eating it at every college social, and/or during class hooky sessions. Berco’s has on offer Chinese and Thai cuisine. But take it from erstwhile North Campusers – there ain’t nothing like their green and red Thai curry.

Where: 38/UA, Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar

Cuisine: Thai and Chinese

Price Point: INR 300 for one person

Contact: 011 32905525, 011 23856988

Magikk Kitchen | 

They take their name very seriously, and it is seriously magical that one restaurant can offer Indian, Italian, Fast Food, Chinese and Continental food. Magikk comes highly recommended for comfort home style Indian food, and childhood birthday party reminiscent pizza.

Where: 30A, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Near Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Mexican, Italian

Price Point: INR 300 for one

Contact: 011 33036100

Singh Ching |

From the crew behind Momo’s Point {another iconic Delhi University joint}, Singh Ching serves both North Indian and Chinese Food, because let’s face it, in places like these, they’re pretty much the same thing. Unlike Momo’s Point, this spot is spacious, air conditioned, and offers ample seating, for if you choose to dine in. The delivery turn around time is quicker than most of its competitors, and it goes without saying – you want to get the momos.

Where: 2512, Hudson Lane, Near GTB Nagar Metro Station, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian

Price Point: INR 200 for one person {approx.}

Contact: 011 45680444, +91 9971180440

The Hungry Minds | 

If the name is anything to go by, they’re a student friendly place. They offer North Indian, Continental and Cafe style food, and best of all, all day breakfast {Strawberry Pancakes and Belgian Waffles!}. The menu might confuse you, and the language may be questionable, but don’t judge a book by its cover. The food makes up for the grammar. Also bookmark for their shakes and smoothies.

Where: 2527, Ground Floor, Hudson Lane, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Thai

Price Point: INR 200 for one

Contact: 011 33036504

Apni Rasoi |

They’re the closest you’ll get to home-cooked Indian food, in terms of taste. They also serve Chinese food {see what we mean about same thing}, and offer the option of Thalis. They’re most popular for their Rajma Chawal and Chole Chawal, in case you’re looking for basic meals.

Where: 7, Mall Road, Kingsway Camp, Hakikat Nagar, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese

Price Point: INR 150 for one person

Contact: 011 27605777, +91 9212432806

Bamboo Hut |

A welcome change from Indian and Chinese food, Bamboo Hut is a Naga cuisine specialist. Think Pork, Liver, Momos, Naga Dal and the infamous Raja Mircha {one of the spiciest chillies in the world}. Some of the food takes getting used to, so ease yourself into it, and start basic with the chicken curry, thukpa, fish with bamboo shoot, and momos. Work your way up to Chilly Pork and Chicken Liver Gizzard. Sample the Naga Thali, in case you want a sampler of a range of foods.

Where: 1598, Outram Lines, Kingsway Camp, Delhi University-GTB Nagar

Cuisine: Naga

Price Point: INR 200 for one

Contact: +91 9560574772