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FoodCloud features over 130 home chefs in the city, all whipping up an array of specialties. Choose according to cuisine, browse your options and place your catering or meal order.

Thai-ing It Out

We can’t speak for all the food the website features, of course, but what we tried, we liked. Chief among these was the Green Thai Curry and Basil Chicken from Thai Kitchen. The curry tasted fresh and to our surprise, contained broccoli and chunks of soya, and the basil chicken was a spicy Thai take on the chicken keema. The Pad Thai however, isn’t something we’d order again.

The portions, we felt, were adequate for three people.

Of Dals And Sabzis

One of the goals of FoodCloud is to provide quality ghar ka khana to those of us who don’t have easy access to it otherwise. Choose from a range of dal, vegetables and curries. You could even subscribe to their Indian thalis on a weekly basis and choose which days you want this delivered to your home or office.

Alternately, perusing their regional Indian menu may prove fruitful. We can vouch for the Bengali; especially the dal, Malai Chingri {gigantic prawns!} and mixed vegetable.

Other spheres we think worth exploring are their Goan, Kashmiri, Hyderabadi, Burmese, Korean, Japanese and Italian.

Save Room For Dessert

One of the few delivery portals which has an extensive dessert menu, FoodCloud is making the choosing very hard for us. From Indian desserts like halwa, to cupcakes to mousses and cake jars, you’re spoiled for choice. We didn’t fancy the cupcakes too much but the Toblerone cheesecake by All Things Yummy won us over with its creamy texture and melange of chocolate and nougat.

There’s a world to choose from and we intend to try a little bit every time we need comfort home food. Have you ordered from FoodCloud? Tell us your favourites in the comment section.

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