Given the state of affairs on the road, we can’t help but be grateful that some food joints have taken it upon themselves to come to us instead. Lo and behold, you good folk, there’s another food truck in town, and it is serving some seriously sick South Indian food!

Started and run by husband and wife duo, their roots can be traced back to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, although they’re born and brought up in the Capital. You know what this means? Age old family recipes. The recipes come from them, since they want people to be able to enjoy where they come from. Their model is simple – through the week you’ll find them at offices, and/or educational institutions, and come weekends, they’re parked outside residential complexes. They’ve been in the business for over two years now, so you can be sure the food you’re getting is tried and tested.

As for food? Expect the regular South Indian offerings, including dosa, idli, vada and appam. But, their biggest sellers? The Mysore Masala Dosa {with sky high spice levels}, and the regular masala dosa.

They are also available to cater events, in case you’re trying to do your next party differently.

Where: Stay tuned with their location on Facebook, here.