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Maggi, Pasta & More: Penta Cafe's Quick Bites Are Perfect For An Evening Snack

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What Makes It Awesome

Penta Cafe is a place that is known for its wee hour services but still many Delhiites are still unaware about this hidden gem. The spot is located in Derawal Nagar {a colony in North Delhi} next to Pentamed hospital, the cafe doesn't have any indoor sitting as it's just a small shop serving variety of vegetarian delicacies and they've some small outside sitting area which is open till 1am and then reopens at around 3:30am talking about menu they serve various kinds of Maggi and pasta. Other than Maggi and pasta they also have pizzas, burgers, grilled sandwiches, paranthas and many more items.

I personally have tried there Pizza which is fairly good with good amount of cheese and nice toppings my another liking is red sauce pasta or pizza dip Maggi with a glass of cold coffee makes it even a better treat. Also, their grilled sandwiches are great and must-haves because of they are crispy and loaded with the mayo and cheese.

What's My Pro Tip?

Plus, there are two Penta Cafes in the complex and the one in the corridor is much better than the other.