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For the Potheads: Muddy Waters’ Customisable High-Fired Pottery

Kasturi posted on 8th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Muddy Waters Studio does beautiful handmade wheel and ceramic pottery, which they’ll also customise according to your needs.

Pots, pans, and perfection

Muddy Waters Studio Pottery brings us the most vibrant handmade mugs, bowls, planters and more crockery. It is all high-fired stoneware ceramic pottery that converts the raw material into its purest form {these pieces are fired at a 1,280 degrees of heat}. What we love most is that Smita, the brain behind Muddy Waters, works on a collection and then once they are sold out, works on a new one. So, you’ve got to get your hands on what you like as soon as possible.

Collection coolness

Her collections keep changing every season—for instance, you’ll find diyas, candle holders, and diffusers during Diwali and wine glasses during Christmas. We love the earthy look and feel of her pottery; an interesting fact behind the colours is that, apart from the blues and the deep reds, not many food-grade colours are able to survive the heat. So, the lack of colours may be a good thing; what you get is almost stone-like and durable to boot.

Wheeling about

We recommend some of the mosaics, and the classic wheel and throw pottery. One of the most eye-catching pieces on her website is a bowl with multi-hued insides. Also look out for her exotic planters, cups and teapots.

PS: If you are looking for bespoke pottery, then she does mirrors, table tops, sinks and almost everything else.

Where: Shop here. 

Price: INR 200 to INR 7,000

Contact: +91 9760015168

Muddy Waters