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Getting Married? Register On ForMyShaadi.Com For Gifts That Matter


An online wedding gift registry portal, is a unique platform that allows soon-to-be-married couples to curate their own wedding gift wish lists, and share it with their friends and family. Plus this is great way to get the perfect gifts that you will actually use and remember forever, right?

What Is It?

Do your friends know if you need a microwave or a coffee machine? Or do they just call it a day and hand over a wad of cash? {Not the most convenient option in todays demonetised and cashless environment}. The end result? The same boring and unimaginative gifts that take all the fun out of the gifting process.

If you’re are about to get married {or know someone who is}, then you can help the guests coming to your wedding through, which will allow you to create a wedding gift wish list with gifts that your friends can choose from. All you need to do is register, build your wish list from an inventory {including home and furnishing items, electronic goods, luxury brands, holidays and even curated experiences} and finally, invite your friends and family to view your wish list and buy awesome gifts for you! Simple, right?

There's More

This season your guests can choose from gift vouchers across brands that include Westside, Croma, Urban Ladder, Taj Hotels, Oberoi, Genesis Luxury and many more, so there’s something here to give both you and your guests new #WeddingGiftGoals.

So whether you want to receive some home décor items, gift vouchers to your favourite brands or experiences at your favourite hotels and restaurant, your wedding registry will have you sorted for your new life together.

So We're Saying...

If you’re about to get married, make sure you register on, because not only is it the easiest way to help your guests resolve their gifting woes, but also receive gifts that will truly be of use to you. Like they say, nothing should stand in the way of an awesome gift, right? Happy wish listing!

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