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    Share Your Travel Stories At Foundonallfour's Hippie Meetups On People’s Terraces

    Rene posted on 22 July

    What Is It?

    A new community of travel enthusiasts is organising meetups at people’s terraces and lawns to discuss everything vacation. Called Foundonallfours’ Show-Off evenings, these gatherings are a motley bunch of people – musicians, artists, storytellers, poets, dancers – all of whom are bound for their love for travel or arts.

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone who’s got an interesting travel anecdote to share for one.

    The group has grown organically and purely based on word of mouth. After the first two meetings, people began to get their artist friends and travelling buddies involved and the evenings began to have a great mix of storytelling {by the way of sharing itineraries and experiences} and diverse performing arts. A band offered to perform. A poi dancer pitched in. A hip hop artist presented a choreographed piece and it all became a natural extension of everything a hippie traveller loves on a vacation.

    So, you can register as long as you’re participating actively.

    Why Should I Go For It?

    There’s an amazingly receptive and willing audience out there that’s going to be all ears when you make that presentation. And, for the first time, that presentation’s going to be met with a lot of cheer and interesting dialogue instead of bored boardroom faces.

    The founders, Kriti and Anoop believe that the best way to see a place without actually going there is by the way of hearing stories. And, in keeping with this belief, they intend on creating alternative spaces where people can come and talk about the quaintest villages or the busiest towns or their most bizarre travel observations without any filters.

    The upcoming edition {on August 5} for instance even has a specific theme: oceans. So we’re told people are bringing stories of sea turtles, underwater diving and there’ll be a short film championing the cause of clean water bodies that’ll be screened. “The idea is to also make sure people travel responsibly and in a sustainable fashion,” said Anoop.

    So.much.good. Right? Why wouldn’t you go?

    Anything Else?

    Bring your poetic self or newly acquired fire-eating skills and drop by. As long as you aren’t a one Europe trip wonder, they’ll accept you as a part of the brotherhood. Drop an email at or request a spot on their Facebook page.

    In fact, you can also let the founders know if you’d like to give out your lawn/terrace/living room for a gathering like this and they’ll carry that projector and free-spirit to make it happen.


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