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The Newest Addition To Cyberhub With Vibrant Interiors & Amazing Food

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What Makes It Awesome?

Foxtrot is the newest addition to Cyberhub, Gurgaon and it is their outlet (after Bengaluru & Khan market, Delhi).

The place has vibrant interiors with wooden tables, comfortable couches, lampshades on the walls next to the table, switches that remind you of a by-gone era, paintings/ photographs that beautifully adorn the walls, a bar counter, a separate coffee counter, live band playing soulful music and a beautifully done up red colored velvet wall & couch corner. Every corner here has a different story to tell.

We tried the following:
*Non-veg Kulcha Platter:- The 3 thick crust kulchas are stuffed with lamb Galouti, chicken Tikka and Kohlapuri chicken respectively served with condiments on the side. If you're looking for variety then you should definitely give this a try. Our favourite was lamb Galouti.
*Ghee Roast Chicken Taco:- This is an Indianised version of a taco. Mini round rotis are topped with chicken chunks which are roasted to perfection in ghee and served with masala on the side. If you visit foxtrot then you cannot afford to skip this. The best fusion taco we have had till date.
*Paprika Prawns with Guacamole:- Delicious prawns served with guacamole on the side with green veggies add flavour to it. These are slightly spicy.
*Foxy Style Pao Bhaji:- A bowl full of flavorful Bhaji is served with buttered mini Pao's on skewers and papdi which tastes like salted nachos. It reminded us of the typical Bombay taste.
*Goa Shack Prawn:- Delicious, non-spicy, buttery prawns served in a platter with toasted bread dripping with garlic butter. We have added it to our list of favourites here.
*Kentucky Style Fried chicken:- Crispy chicken crust served with apple slaw, mustard aioli and spicy ketchup is a safe bet when you are confused about what to order here.
*Cheese Balls:- which are served with home-made hot dip will grip your taste buds in just one bite. Overloaded with cheese, these are a favourite amongst every age group.
*Chicken Steamed Momos:- These tender Momos taste authentic and are an instant hit amongst kids.
*Junglee Maas:- Foxtrot's take on Laal Maas with tender, perfectly spiced pieces served with khameeri roti. Cooked to perfection, their Junglee Maas tastes extremely delicious.
*Smashed Galouti Biryani:- is served with Mirchi ka salad and raita tasted toothsome. The salad and raita were flavorful too.
*Pepper Crusted Fish:- with sauteed greens, mashed potatoes and lemon butter sauce has a layer of pepper sprinkled generously on the fish cake and dominates the flavour of the entire dish. The overuse of pepper was a little overwhelming.
*Deconstructed Dal Moradabadi:- served with ghee rice. I am not a fan of Dal personally but trying this at foxtrot has influenced my inclination towards it. When the dish arrives at your table, the waiter will pour the Dal over a bed of ghee rice. The bang of flavours makes this a worth try here.
*Gooey Caramel Cake:- is one of the best desserts we tasted till date and should be added to your must-haves list. Drop everything and enjoy the dash of sweet flavours mingle in your mouth.
*Chocolate Brownie Vanilla Ice-Cream:- It tasted too sweet for our taste buds. Instead, give Gooey caramel cake a try.
*Tiramisu: We have had better tiramisu elsewhere so this can be skipped from their menu.
*Watermelon Mojito:- Their refreshing watermelon mojito serves as a respite on a hot summer day. The dash of mint enhances the taste to many levels.
*Braxton Smash:- If you like your drink not too strong and with a touch of sweetness then this is the perfect drink for you. The flavours just blend perfectly.
*Ocean View:- A strong drink loaded with ice. Recommended for those who can handle strong alcoholic flavours like a breeze.

Overall, the food tasted amazing and there wasn't a single dish that we didn't like. They have a vast cocktail and coffee menu. Their amiable staff works efficiently and help in making your experience memorable.

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