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Fragrant Your House With The Amazing Incense Sticks By Nirmalaya!

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Flowers are considered as holy entities and henceforth are offered by pilgrims to their divine Gods and Goddesses. Consistently these flowers offered by the devotees in places of worship are left unused and therefore become waste and add to the pollution and degradation of nature.

Seeing the situation carefully, Nirmalaya was born. Nirmalaya is here to preserve religious faith and environment by protecting our holy rivers by recycling the sacred floral offerings. The brand reuses the holy offerings and transforms them into Insence sticks, Incense cones, Dhoop sticks and Havan cups. The items are curated with bunches of love, faith and 100% organic material. Nothing from the brand contains charcoal and are toxic free and are safe for the environment. Not just that, the item are readied keeping in mind a patented formula from CSIR that guarantees the items are safe for humans around. Supplanting charcoal with the bloom squander goes about as potential waste administration answer for the blossom squander, it is more vitality productive and creates lesser carbon emanations.

The word Nirmalaya itself means pure and the tagline 'Fragrance of God' sums up the brand. Products by Nirmalaya are benevolent, sophisticated and vintage modern. They encourage you to be religious as well as take care of the nature and anticipates that you should make an astute choice while purchasing incense sticks, dhoop sticks and other worship fundamentals. The individuals who have consistently appreciated the scent of the incense sticks, dhoop sticks or incense cones however dread that its fumes be a reason of aggravation to your eyes, Nirmalaya is what you need!