Into Skating? Practise Those Flips At Delhi Skateboarding Academy

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Delhi Skateboarding Academy is Delhi’s first indoor skating park. Complete with ramps, accessories and splashes of graffiti, all you skater boys and girls can head here to learn, practice and bond.

What Makes It Awesome

You could just be getting on your board, or you could be a pro—Delhi Skateboarding Academy is open to all. There are instructors who’ll give you the basic lowdown to get you started if you’re new. 

The skaters here usually stick to the park, and indulge in transitional skating using the ramps and bumps within the space, but once in a while, they’ll take you to the streets. Railings and inanimate structures in the city become obstacles for you to challenge yourself (and impress folks around) with.

You don't need to worry about safety as they give you helmets & protections pads, regardless of whether you're a regular or a visitor dropping in. Can't afford a skateboard? They're willing to provide those too, with the obvious condition that you return it to them & use it only while you are in the premises. 

We’ve already dropped in and checked it out, have you yet?


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