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Freelance Gigs for Stay-at-Home Moms as Suggested by Gurgaon Moms

Kasturi posted on 07 July

Let’s be honest, single income families are fine when you're living the good life, with no kids. But once the little ones arrive, there's weekends of play dates and parties, stocking the house, and taking care of school fees; and double incomes never hurt.  Stay-at-home moms, we've got your back. Put your skill sets to use with one of these freelance jobs, as recommended by the folk over at Gurgaon Moms.


Mom-Freelance Jobs-01

Relatively easier to break into, but not handsomely paying, is content writing. You can write content for various startups or even do editorial work for magazines and websites. It only requires the uploading of a CV onto a job portal. Freelance writing gets you around INR 1 to INR 3 per word, depending on the kind of magazine you choose to work with. Alternatively, we have a long term plan for you. Write a novel if you're a subject matter expert; GLG { Gerson Lehrman Group} pays on an hourly basis.

Recommended by Nehaa Singh Kamboj, Aditi Tandon


The easiest thing to get into when wanting to earn a pretty penny and do some fulfilling work is to start giving home tuitions. The best part about it is that you can stick to your area of expertise, and the neighbourhood kids are gonna love you for the extra help. You can also start teaching in small schools on a freelance basis, especially if they do weekly classes or hobby activities.

Recommended by Nehaa Singh Kamboj, Kanupriya Jain, Bhavna Prasad Rastogi


Techie moms have never had it so good, with small businesses looking for web development and well-designed webpages. Moreover, if you've got the interest and aptitude for graphic design and pretty palettes, you can even do consultation work for creative agencies. Facebook has a couple of groups such as the Daily Media Jobs that you can look at for finding jobs with media companies and advertising agencies.

Recommended by Ritika Nath

Home Chefs

Mom-Freelance Jobs_cooking

If you have the baking itch, lucky for you that there's a thriving home-baking culture in the city. Home chefs are in demand and how. You can start small or even use social media to advertise your wares, and you’ll be surprised with how the silver starts pouring in. We are all for turning passion into a source of income. {It’s what we do.}

Recommended by Ahoi Haolai Sitlhou


One of the greatest advantages of the startup culture is that there are no age-based requirements. So if you have love for a certain field, you don't need to spend years behind a desk. Your ideas can be novel and unexplored, and take it from us, you'll do a good job in your area of choice. So working for a startup is a great idea. Alternatively, you can even go a step further and start that venture you’ve always dreamed of all on your own. Mompreneurs for the win!

Recommended by Anupama Jain, Aditi Tandon, Sasha Bhatia Cruz


A lot of women choose to build a big audience by getting into a franchise with Oriflame, Avon or Amway. This is a really good way of networking and spending some quality time with your buddies while taking care of work. Work from home, and network at tea parties that combine both work and pleasure.

Recommended by Kanupriya Jain

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