Need A Caffeine Kick? These Guys Will Deliver Vanilla & Cold Coffee Bottles To You!

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Fresh Brew Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

Fresh Brew Co. is the latest cold brew delivery to send bottles of cold coffee to our workstation/couch. With a physical shop in Delhi, they also have an online store. Since they pride themselves on using 100% Arabica Ground coffee beans, they are low on acidity and don’t leave any of that bitter aftertaste. Their rich brews come in three exciting flavours: Vanilla, Hazelnut and Original. They last for 21 days from their brew date and can be had hot, or ice cold. 

The folks behind the venture know their coffee, and ensure that they brew it in small batches to ensure everything’s fresh. The Vanilla has no added sugar or preservatives and the hazelnut’s extracted from the plant itself and lends itself beautifully to the rich aroma of coffee. These guys also sell compostable coffee capsules (starting at INR 350) in different flavours like Caramel, Hazlenut, Irish Cream and more which come in different intensities. How cool is that? We're definitely adding the World Coffee: Sumatra compostable capsules to our carts!

Each pack comes with four bottles of 200ml each. The price starts at INR 400 and goes up to INR 500 for the flavoured versions.


You can also shop for coffee makers, machines and really cool tumblers from these guys. If possible, place your order a day or two in advance and you can get your supplies well within time - they ship across India.