Tired Of Going To The Same Place? 12 Microbreweries In Gurgaon You Can Head To


    The liquor laws in Haryana lean on the lighter side {thank goodness}, and luckily for us, that extends to the production of alcohol as well. It’s no surprise, then, that Gurgaon has recently seen the emergence of a significant number of spots brewing canisters full of light and dark beers all over the city. Here’s our list of the ones to look out for.


    Soi 7 Pub & Brewery

    DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

    Reasons to visit this micro-brewery at Cyber Hub include a very pleasant outdoor section, live gigs, and, of course, the beer. They offer a choice of four brews, each distinct and almost as good as the other. And if you dread the semi-watery taste brewed drinks tend to leave in your mouth, their Upper Cut and Straight Jab are there to save the day.

    Manhattan Craft Brewery

    With its roomy interiors and pub-like ambience, it’s easy to see why Manhattan is a favourite among office-goers. Throw in some giant screens and an Xbox, and you’ve got the perfect formula to unwind after a hard day’s work. The beers are poured into perfectly frosted glasses and come in four varieties—Hefe Weizen, Belgian Wheat, Lager and Dark Lager.

    Open Tap

    A happy, airy little micro-pub, Open Tap just seems like the kind of place for regulars who recognise each other. Get there before 6pm to secure a table because it tends to get busy quite early in the evening. Their dark beer wasn’t as dark as we were expecting, but what it lacked in colour, it made up for in punch and a beautiful lingering bitterness. Highly recommended!

    Walking Street By Soi7

    Walking Street

    Sector 29, Gurgaon

    Walking Street by Soi7 has five different kinds of home brews. Try the Silom Wheat, which is very close in flavour to the Hoegaarden, or Phi Phi Wheat if you like it light and citrusy. If bitter is your flavour of choice, go for their Morjim Dark or Jomtein Special.

    The Ko Samui Red didn’t much appeal to us, but since beer is an acquired taste, do give it a shot to decide for yourself. Pair your mugs with a portion of dim sums or a clay pot, and you’re sorted for the evening.

    Downtown - Diners & Living Beer Café

    With two-level seating and a dimly-lit space, Downtown has become a popular haunt for the Gurgaon crowd in recent times. Their beers are freshly brewed and low on calories {yay!}, so take your pick from their wheat, premium, or dark beers. Or live a little and just go for all three of them!

    7 Degrees Brauhaus

    7 Degrees Brauhaus

    Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

    If Berlin summers are on your mind, you’re going to want to head to this German-specialty micro-brewery. The bright and shiny copper vats mix in easily with the rich wooden interiors and shots of unexpected green, making for quite a pleasant beer-drinking experience.

    Their beers are quite impressive, and with beer-infused cocktails such as the Brauhaus Energy {with wheat lager and Campari} and Beer’s Knees {with wheat beer, gin, and honey} on the menu, there is really nothing left to be desired. Danke very much!

    Uptown Fresh Beer Café

    Uptown Fresh Beer Cafe

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    Uptown is slowly making its way up our list of the nicest breweries in Gurgaon and here’s why. Their German Wheat beer is a crowd-pleaser, it’s served in ginormous mugs which means chugging at Uptown is complete value for money and they have a selection of yummy, fried nibbles that pair perfectly with chilled beer. Sit on one of their ‘floating tables’, let the music take you on a nostalgic trip back to the 90s and let your hair down – you’ll survive summer.

    SMAAASH PitStop Brewpub and Skykarting

    SMAAASH PitStop Brewpub and Skykarting is about more than just beer – although their citrusy wheat beer, Sting Ray, is a great reason to check out this brewery in Sector 29. What do we mean? There’s a skykarting track at this brewery, you guys! Head here for the novelty factor, quality in-house brews and the Peppery Cheesy bites.

    Molecule Air Bar

    Along with an excellent menu high on drama and taste, Molecule also does in-house brews. Choose from Premium, Weiss Beer, Roasted Malt or Molecule Brew that are quite affordable, while scoring full marks for flavour.

    Vapour Bar Exchange

    With three outlets in Gurgaon, Vapour Bar Exchange is obviously popular with beer drinkers this side of NH8 – they have eight kinds of house brews. However, the non-beer-drinkers in your party wil be happy too – there’s plenty of pocket-friendly Old Monk to go around.

    Factory by Sutra

    Sip on the craft beers at Factory by Sutra when the weather’s nice outside – they have a beautiful garden area. The Belgian Red Ale is one of their well-loved brews and we suggest you pair it with a plate of the Dahi Kebabs.