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An Apple A Day: This Thoughtful Company Will Deliver Fresh Fruit Straight To Your Desk

Maanya posted on 22 May


If the effort involved in cutting, peeling and packing fruit, to take with you, gets in the way of actually eating said fruit, you might appreciate the work Falhari is doing. A subscription box service, they deliver fresh fruit – every day.

Back To The Basics

Snacking on fruit trumps snacking on everything else – especially if you’re trying to eat clean and adopt a healthier lifestyle. So if you find yourself reaching for that packet of Blue Lays at work more often than you’d like, you should definitely check Falhari out.

If you sign up for one of their monthly subscription plans, they will send fruit boxes to you on 20 out of 30 days {we love that they make allowances for cheat days!}. The monthly plans start at INR 1,575 {this includes the delivery of 20 Fruit Energy Glasses that are filled to the brim with neatly sliced, seasonal {mangos!} fruit. Each box {or glass} is nutritionist-approved, by the way.

If you’d like to start small, or sample the service before you commit to Falhari long-term, we recommend the one-day trial {INR 125 for a box of five fruits}.

Anything Else?

They also offer fruit salads and smoothies as part of a menu that changes every day. You can place your orders via their website here, their app or even Zomato – they’re based out of Sector 43 and, currently, only deliver in Gurgaon.


Don’t forget to check out their ‘Wholesome Fitness’ plans that includes both a month of fresh fruit as well as a one-month Fitpass membership. Go on then, conquer those fitness goals.

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Falhari - A Fruitful Habit

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