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    Stoles, Scarves & More: Shingora's Got Accessories For Every Occasion

    Paloumi posted on 11 February


    Love bright colours and pairing them to form a great outfit? Shingora is a brand that's doing the prettiest scarves, stoles, and shawls, dupattas and other accessories which cater to both men and women.

    What Makes Them Awesome

    Based out of Ludhiana, Shingora's got wraps, shrugs and ponchos (so keep them in mind for when the weather gets colder). They've got pretty dupattas, scarves, stoles and shawls (light ones) and also have pocket squares and ties.

    Made using light and breezy materials, they pay close attention to each detail—and it shows in their designs. With all kinds of prints and bright colours, they're definitely bringing something different to the market. Honestly, they're pretty great for gifting too!

    What Could Be Better

    Some more 'current' options would be nice, versus the classic prints. 


    They've also got the option of customising a product for you, so you can pick the colour and kind of design you'd want on your product—like a scarf or stole—for someone. 

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