Fruit Beer, Momos & Lots Of Green: Kick Back With The Squad At This Quiet Cafe

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We seldom hang around CR Park and when we do, we prefer to stick to chops and Bengali fish. Our friends, however, have been raving about Cafe Green in Market Number 2 for it’s freshly-brewed coffee and garden space. You can thank us when you’ve eaten here without blowing up your budget.

Green Is The New Black

You know, the whole community feeling is pretty strong at Cafe Green.

After a long time, we found one of those neighbourhood cafes where everyone catches up after tuitions, and where new mums congregate after their yoga class. A few months ago, the good folks here even invited nearby artists to come showcase their artwork {without any judgmental eye rolls, mind you} or just take the brush to splash some colours to a cafe wall.

The fact that the cafe keeps things cosy and adorably small lends it that comfortable vibe that has people going back over and over again. Add to this their obsession with brewing the best coffee they can {they stock up on a host of international blends}. We love that we can eat Maggi or have a very homemade pasta while sitting for hours.

The menu is typical of a cafe that’s out there to make everyone feel loved. They’ve got a mix of Chinese, Thai, sandwiches, burgers, momos, kathi rolls and more. Regulars usually stick to momos and Maggi and their regular glass of cold coffee, but prod them for specifics and it’s not difficult to gauge the other popular options – Cafe Green’s Grilled Chicken Sandwich and shikanji are phenomenal.


So, We're Saying...

The staff is super-receptive to feedback and the cafe guys, in general, are eager beavers who are constantly trying to get better at what they do. So, if your burger isn’t the best you’ve had, be sure you tell them so.

P.S. They also have a breakfast menu, and we’re hoping to eat the omelette next {it’s just INR 25 anyway}.