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Now Every Day Is Fry Day With POTET's 13 Varieties Of Fries

    Hauz Khas, Delhi


    There’s a new place coming to town and it’s all about them potatoes- fries, specifically. POTET is clubbing our beloved fry with bacon, chicken, cheese, salsa, and even chocolate. Who’d have thunk?

    I Love To See You, Fry

    The whole concept behind POTET is to put all fries from across the globe into the limelight, apart from the regular salted ones.

    The Germans eat their fries with cheese and bacon {ich liebe, much?}, the Romanians eat them with sour cream and garlic and the Vietnamese douse them in maple syrup {lolwut?} and now you can do as the Romanians do too, without stepping foot outside the capital.

    The POTET guys strongly recommend you try the dessert fries with butter and sugar {Khoai Tay Chien}  and the Sweet Potato maple fries and their signature Madras fries – an exciting combination of fries and south Indian tadka. There’s also a Japanese Teriyaki and of course, lots of bacon. Mmmm.

    So, We're Saying...

    If French fries are your weakness, POTET at The Junction in Hauz Khas is definitely going to be your new favourite spot. We suggest you best get those sport shoes out- you’re going to be doing a lot of jogging this month.

    When: Around Christmas {tentatively- please stay tuned here for updates}

      Hauz Khas, Delhi