Add Some Fun And Games To Your Usual Drinking Session, At Agent Jack’s

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The best place in town to guzzle booze on a budget, Agent Jack’s in Sector 29 works on a live app based bidding model, and ends up serving drinks at half the price of competition.

Eyes On The Feed

The first thing the helpful staff at Agent Jack’s get you to do is download their easy and very user friendly app – and from then on, the bidding on booze begins. The app displays the market price of a peg of your favourite tipple {and cocktails and mixers}, along with the lowest price of the day, and the current price on offer.

You simply place your order on the app, and someone promptly comes to confirm it and in no time, you could be sipping on a steal! We spotted a Bacardi peg going for INR 60 and Tequila for INR 110 during our night-out, and with prices like that, we were happily going hic hic hurray!

Lowdown On The Grub

We totally love the idea of a liquid diet, but we urge you to also do a quick scan on the expansive menu between shots, and pick something to nibble on. We loved crunchy vegetable Crispy Katori, the very fiery southern style Thalaiva Lolly’s {that had been lovingly laced with curry leaves and whole peppers} and juicy Golden Mushrooms that were stuffed with cheese. A classic Margherita style flat bread was perfect for sharing, and balancing flavours.

Try the Paan Patta Chaat for a minty twist on a classic, and a delightful Green Apple Jalebi for a sugar rush with your high.

What Didn’t Impress Us?

The onion rings needed a bit more seasoning to deliver the punch we wanted – they felt a little underwhelming, even with the dip they came with.

So, We're Saying

Agent Jack’s beckons the deal seeker in you to come and have a night of fun, and lots of happy drinking.